Duffle bag boy

One of the great things about the cooler seasons is the ability to change up your outerwear. Still want some wear out of those nautical footwear choices? Why not pair them with a duffle-coat? It’s bold and the ocean aesthetic is a welcome change to the standard peacoats we’re seeing currently. Check out the examples below and note the pairings. Oh, and like all jackets/blazers/and outerwear, the fit should be tailored, never hanging off you.



The black duffle coat above ($110.95 @karmaloop.com) goes great with these brash supra tk societies ($140 @ karmaloop.com). 




This one for the ladies ($145 @ karmaloop.com) is actually a mash-up between the bomber jacket and the duffle. Mad unique and extra stylish for when it’s frigid afuera!

This take on the traditional duffle coat is one of my favorites because of it’s unique collar, great for making ya mark, especially since it’s only $84.95 @karmaloop.com.

This brown joint ($284 at karmaloop.com) can be set off with any of the footwear choices above or, for a change, a lighter mid-height boot (like the one below for $110 @ karmaloop.com).


This example for you ladies in striking yellow is a not-so-subtle way of giving a quick nod to the upcoming warmer spring we’re all waiting for (And it’s on sale for $104.95 @ karmaloop.com!).

The hooded joint like this heather gray one is just perfect for those days where the mood and weather are the same color. Pick it up for $124.95 @ karmaloop.com and make sure you cop the army blue skytops for $147 @ 80spurple.com while you’re at it.





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