helloMOTO 1.0

And already we’re seeing the temps drop (at least here in Chicago and other areas that experience the four seasons). That means it’s time to start donning lightweight jackets again! Yay! Here’s where one of my favorite combinations come in:


the motorcycle jacket ,


a hoodie,




and high-tops


or stylish boots.

The reason I love this combo right now is because many stores are carrying moto jackets at lower prices than they will in a couple of months, so you can grab maybe two jackets (perhaps a lighter hue, and a darker hue) for about the price you’ll pay for just one later on. The great thing about the moto jacket is that it goes with so many options. Throw a tee on underneath if it’s a bit warm for the hoodie, or rock a button-down and tie if you want to dress it up a bit. The shoes need to match the general aesthetic though. For example, if going super casual up top (i.e. Tee or hoodie), feel free to wear more outlandish footwear (filas/pumas/nikes/etc). But when you decide to dress it up a bit (ex: button-down with/without tie), try some beautiful Italian boots or some understated hi-tops (supra/Calvin Klein/kenneth cole/Ralph lauren/etc).

*Optional, but HIGHLY recommended* I almost always go with some sort of neckwear depending on the top (scarf, tie, etc.)

*Bonus* For dramatic style points, go with the following:

Moto jacket.

A-tee or slim-fitting tank underneath.


Ignorant footwear.


3 Responses to “helloMOTO 1.0”

  1. Geordae Says:

    I’m desperately waiting for the temp to drop here so i can finally bring out my outerwear.

    The denim sneakers are hot, I need a link to them.lol

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