LumberJack is whack.

One of my favorite patterns right now is plaid or checked. Depending on how tightly (or loosely) compressed the checks are, it can look like anything from twill to nearly solid. The seasonal versatility is high as well since all you have to do in order to transition from summer to fall is modify the pallette (for example, go from brighter hues  to more subdued and darker ones). It’ll even last through the winter! And the more vintage the vibe, the more sophisticated the look. If you’re not sure where to begin, grab some burberry. They’ve had the checked pattern down forever and know exactly how to do it right! However you go about it, just make sure you don’t over do it (no checked shirt AND checked tie por ejemplo…) because you don’t want to look like you just came in from chopping down a tree 😀


Told you burberry was the way to go! This skirt can be paired with complementing pieces that highlight any of the colors found within the design.


Great for fall or winter, this white and black plaid jacket is a beautiful and classic essential for every lady’s wardrobe.


The subtle check in this suit isn’t too busy so you can wear a more daring pattern in the tie.


Plaid high-waist trousers are a welcome change from all of the neutral pieces we’ve seen as of late.


Couldn’t resist this plaid skirt. Note how well it pairs with the fitted top and red fingernails!


If only these joints came in my size!


Just a simple plaid dress reminiscent of those summer vacations you took with the family.


At only $200, this plaid short trench for us screams style and confidence!


Another piece that needs to be in every closet: The arabic scarf. Usually plaid anyway, this is a great piece that can be worn in a myriad of different ways all year long!


Simple. Stylish. Checked button down. Pair this with a solid tie and denim or dressier slacks and make ya mark.


BoHo is a go with this dress/belt/boots ensemble!


Plaid top/highlighting belt/solid skirt *sigh* beautiful simplicity!

9gr_m0608pr_pur-2Ah, the fitted short-sleeve button down. Why not do it differently and embrace the checked pattern?


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