Back in black!

Alot of people have been skeptical about rocking black in the summer (about as skeptical as many are about wearing white denim), even after reading my previous post ‘black on black’ done a while back. Truth is, black brings a dark sexiness to the summer wardrobe as well! You do have to be careful of fading since this can completely destroy the beauty of it. Also, like any color, this is not to be overdone. Goth isn’t a good look for anybody. If you’re trying to ease into it, try swapping some black denim in for an outfit where white denim was yor first choice. Or trade a black top/dress where you were going to wear a gray one. This time I’ve decided to display entire outfits as examples, sound good? Good. Now let’s begin 😀

Ejemplo A :

FRESH119Azoom3Statement tee. Simple. Sexy.

obe_olsh048_blk-5Black cuffed shorts go perfectly with the edgy statement tee. Swap the heels for some hot sandals or hightops if desired.


This reversible jacket perfectly compliments the tee’s red accents and simutaneously stops the world from knowing you’re cold, dig?

Ejemplo B:

aa_1918_heablk-3Pair this plunging v-neck with either of the following bikini tops for a perfect way to stand out this summer without being too outrageous.



BK8-O-BLKzoom2Then add this chunky geometric bracelet…

cass_fw07wb02od_blk-1And finally top it off with super skinny denim that bunches at the bottom!

Ejemplo C:

conj_7w902916-001_blk-2Joan jett all the way baby! Start it off right with this bangin’ jacket! Then…


This pink/white/black tee or…

FW8-WT26Wzoom2This multi-colored/black/artsy one. Next…


In keeping with the rocker aesthetic, these studded hoops.



Add this huge diesel bag (almost duffel-like in appearance, no?)

HCP04-BLKzoom1This is a purely optional piece, but since you’re a rockstar, why not?


Now for us…

Number 1:

die_00c9u200jie_900-3College lettered cardigan gives you a ‘home for summer break’/ ‘Almuni’ vibe. The white tee that dude is sporting is great for summer because if it gets warm, ditch the cardigan and the rest of the outfit will still keep its freshness.

K1117-BLKzoom1Maintain that student/professor look with this key-charm KR3W necklace. Not sure why, but it just looks great with that particular cardigan.

Joy-H0907PT-BLKzoom3These raw black jeans and classic kicks are the finishing touches (notice the patent detail on the denim).

Number 2:

grn_g1390_blk-2The exposed and contrasting pocket makes this tee stand out from the rest of the gents living in t-shirts this summer.

414pY6p3n3L._SS500_Graphic watches are to be done in moderation, but this one meshes well with this ensemble, trust me.

ludwig_d051c_blk-2Washed black is very different from crap that got faded because you washed it wrong. This is more of a charcoal and breaks up the deep black of the previously mentioned t-shirt without contrasting as much as a black and white combination.

10942-773495-pEnd it with these super-slick onitsuka tigers with ‘Tokyo’ right on the back.

Example 3:


This example starts with a modern fit black suit and white button-down with an optional tie (there should be no need for explanation for this one)…

clae_cla01235_blp-2The ensemble takes a turn with patent hi-tops. Make SURE they’re patent! Since patent leather is more suit/tuxedo like, it won’t be as ‘out-there’ as normal hi-tops.

nix_a139-000-00_blk-3I’d personally go with this rubber player for a break from the normal leather. The shine of the diamond as well as the hardened crystal face will match the shine of the patent kicks.


2 Responses to “Back in black!”

  1. stylemanship Says:

    Love the post!
    Especially feeling the accessories!

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