A blank canvas.

Some materials are season-specific (I’m of course speaking for areas like chicago/new-york/etc that experience climate change). This can definitely be said of canvas. It’s usually regulated to warm weather, at least when it comes to footwear and accessories. I’d love to see more of either sex in this stylish material because it’s not only different, but mad chic as well! Instead of rocking the traditional leather (belt/bag/shoes/wallet/etc.) why not try canvas? It’s much more breathable and lightweight (great when it comes to those shoes at the summer wedding or eight that are coming up), and will definitely show off your fashion-versatility. Check out the following examples.

PS: If you’re wondering about when it’s appropriate to go sockless gentlemen, remember this rule of thumb: If the shoes have no lining, you can do without the socks. This includes dressier varieties such as oxfords, etc.

(These L’UNO’s in black or white by Gourmet are perfect for summer! I can’t get over the unique design with the cutout sections. Sick and stylish.)

(The nixon Time Teller P is great in any color but this canvas variety is specific for the warmer weather. Rock this with a canvas belt at the summer wedding. It’s black on black so it’s a more subtle statement.)

(The canvas belt is a great alternative to the heavier leather. When wearing to the office, wear one with a color or two that’s reflected in your jacket. The slick way a canvas belt can highlight a color elsewhere in an outfit is a definite head-turner!)

(A simple change in upper material can completely change up an outfit. Check out these canvas oxfords that would go well at the office, at the wedding, or even with denim on a night out with your baby! And yes, the same sockless rule applies here.)

(For a more dramatic statement in canvas, try a bold striped band timepiece like this one by lacoste.)

_5874985(If you notice, the belt for this dress is full-canvas. Since the belted dress is so hot right now, why not change the normal leather or patent belt out for a canvas one?)


(Canvas doesn’t have to be regulated to regularly found places either. Just look at these sexy red strappy sandals!)


(This is one of the better examples of canvas I’ve seen. This lightweight bright dandelion jacket is just what the doctor ordered for the summer!)


With so many bag options I decided to devote the last section to them. Enjoy the following examples.






incase_cl55037_olv-2(The vertical sling is for those men that can pull it off ONLY. Otherwise, you’ll look like you’re carrying a man-purse.)


(This may be one of my favorite messenger bags ever! Carrying this and you’ll look like you just came back from south africa on a business trip. Very ‘Upgraded Indiana Jones’ looking, no?


2 Responses to “A blank canvas.”

  1. Benaminh Says:

    Who makes or sells the cream canvas and brown leather messenger bag?

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