Purple Label

For whatever reason, I’ve been extra into purple for the last few years. In most of it’s different shades, for either sex, purple has been and will continue to be a staple of every style-conscious individual. Even in biblical times, purple was hot!



(It definitely takes some swag to rock this purple cardigan! But with a crisp white tee underneath and indigo denim, the choice is spectacular!)


(This light purple nixon adds a nicely feminine splash of color to your outfit.)


(I would definitely suggest this purple nixon belt with a crisp button down or polo. This is when you definitely want to tuck the shirt in to show it off! Try some white oxfords to complete this twist on the classic summer ensemble.)


(Pair this with super dark, super skinny jeans and some sky-high stilettos and make the scene!)


(These shades speak for themselves.)


(Stripes are great for summer and thankfully this hoodie is pretty lightweight so you won’t be too hot when you rock it this season.)


(This purple nixon time-teller is very modest and would be right at home with that khaki suit/lavender shirt combination you’re planning on going with for that upcoming summer wedding! The pricetag is equally modest at only $55.)


(Instead of dropping $150 on a fossil, why not do something different and go with this purple Rubber Player by nixon? It’s mad unique (color-wise), and you get a real diamond at the 6 marker just to add a touch of elegance.)


(This purple-striped shirt is great with jeans or with the aforementioned suit! Some perfect companions? White accessories as demonstrated on the model.)


(Why can’t Ms. Spears rock stuff like this instead of that crap she usually does? Show off those legs in a jersey dress like this one and enjoy the nightlife!)


(This beautiful form-hugging belted dress is perfect for those dates with the hubby and girls night out with your bff’s!)


7 Responses to “Purple Label”

  1. Links: Found and Loved : The World of Fashion According to Me Says:

    […] Purple Label (The Stylist’s Manifesto) […]

  2. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Jersey dress. Sweater. Shades. Hoodie. I’m in purple heaven! πŸ™‚

  3. stokegirl Says:

    OMG…i want that purple nixon belt, ive been looking everywhere for 1! where could i get it from? πŸ˜€

  4. Alicia Nixon Saleman Says:

    Much love for this blog. I am going to get my buddy the Nixon Rubber Player! I hope he likes it.

  5. Gina Says:

    Where can I find a dress like Britneys !! I adore it !!

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