Orange Julius

There’s just something about orange! It’s super versatile and depending on the hue, can be worn in nearly every season. Bright for summer, more subdued for fall, it works and works well.


(classic orange and blue combo. Pair with denim or khakis and a vintage tee of either color.)


(Sexy and bright, these are perfect for summer!)


(White button-down/the following shoes/this watch/light wash denim.)


(These shoes with the above watch.)


(Chunky bag in burnt orange goes great with a mainly white ensemble.)


(Pair with gold hoops and gold heels and enjoy yourself!)


(The maxi is a classic and essential piece that also looks great in orange!)


(Mrs. Beckham does it again! Orange strappy heels and this plunging dress are gorgeous!)


(This orange nooka looks straight outta cloud city! And only $150 at spots like and


3 Responses to “Orange Julius”

  1. Links: Found and Loved | The World of Fashion According to Me Says:

    […] Orange Julius (The Stylist’s Manifesto) […]

  2. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Victoria Beckham can do no wrong – even in the color orange. Fabulous post! 🙂

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