The life aquatic.

Some colors just never go out of style. These hues seem to reappear year after year, season after season. And you know why? Because they’re not a fad, they’re timelessly chic! One such color is aqua (which for the purpose of this post will include hues such as sea-foam/turquoise/blue-green/etc.). It works so well with a variety of skin tones whether it shows up in apparel, footwear, accessories, make-up, or jewelry. It even works well outside of fashion. Why not a lamp? Or a chair? Or an accent table? Perhaps it dominates a work of art or some other statement piece in the home? This color family has many creative uses and begs to be experimented with! If an 80’s neon is too bright, you can always try a little color variation with the aqua colors.

(Both of these wesc headphones are less than $150 at, and if you remember my post on headphones as a fashion statement, will look amazing around your neck with that long-sleeve tee!)

(What would I be without a G? This recently added colorway of the classic G-Lide is perfect for summer!)

(Why can’t Ms. Hilton look like this all the time?! Such a vintage/hepburn ensemble.)

(A staple of EVERY men’s wardrobe should be the polo! If you are a dude without a few polos in your closet, something’s wrong. Seriously wrong.)

(Classic heels in this beautiful shade work wonderfully with a variety of looks.)

(Chunky jewelry is smokin hot right now and the preceding two turquoise pieces are beautiful!)


(Chunky bags are as sick as chunky jewelry. This turquoise bag is a perfect example of how this color can really pop no matter where it is!)


(This bikini looks so great in that color, you hardly realize it’s a zebra print!)


(This enamel anne klein watch is only $75 at! And how could you not love the color? Imagine it with that white tennis skirt and matching colored polo! Game. Set. Match.)


(Just for the boardwalk. Pair with a nice wedge or sandal and enjoy the festival in style!)


(Murk mediocrity in this simple aqua tee by LRG.)


2 Responses to “The life aquatic.”

  1. stylewylde Says:

    Love the bag, who is it by?

  2. stylistmanifesto Says:

    Hellz Bellz. At for $108 😀

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