Coral Diving.

At this moment in time I’m absolutely in love with the coral color! It’s absolutely gorgeous on either sex. From polos to accessories, dresses to makeup, the aforementioned shade is a splash of colors that doesn’t overwhelm. And the best part? It looks great at nearly ANY summer outdoor function!


(This peach and white striped necktie is a summer staple and will definitely let everyone at that next outdoor wedding that your fashion sense is peerless.)

IN4A-097-SUM09-SALzoom1(Yeah I know, I’m a sucker for the G’s. But with this one fresh from the oven, how could you not be? By the way, grab this joint for 20% less at with code: ‘SS37193‘.)


(sexy and form-fitting, this short-length dress is a great way to show off those fantastic legs!)



ins_996133_pea-2t(This starburst bikini is fun and sporty. Throw the top under a white fitted blazer and murk every other chick at the poolside get-together!)

(This is a darker shade of coral that is simply stunning with gold heels! Wouldn’t have thought of that combo? Trust me, it works and works well!)


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