Clear as black and white.

The skillful balance between light and dark is absolutely necessary for a successful wardrobe. You just have to know when it’s appropriate and how to do it. When the specific colors black and white are paired successfully, the result can be nothing short of spectacular! That particular color combo is elegant, classic, and modern all in one. For whatever reason many get this timeless match absolutely wrong but with the following examples, this should never be the case for you.


(Pair this with medium wash cuffed jeans/black kicks/dark shades and you’re the all american bad boy.)


(Note the vintage black-and-white tee and raw black denim? Classic rock-chic. Pair with a muted black (non-glossy) pair of dress shoes for a unique touch of class for your ensemble. Also note how the white is but a brief flash of brightness to balance the darkness.)


(Short trench/White button-down/solid or patterned black tie/ and you’re on your way. Dress it up with black slacks and dress shoes, or dress it down with jeans and black kicks. For bold flavor, rock a white g-shock with either the dressed up or dressed down outfit.)


(Nothing needs to be said about this one. This cardigan + white tee or button-down + indigo denim and you have ‘the swagger of a college kid’.)


(Ah, jessica alba..Why not look like this off the red carpet? *sigh*. Ladies this is a no-thought look. White blouse (looks kinda boyfriend-y, no? Since many of the fairer sex are rocking that jive), black skirt. Heels are up to you. To keep it classic, black is just fine. Or, if the occasion warrants it, throw some poppin’ Christian louboutin joints on!)


(One of my favorite looks to see on you ladies. Such a trust-fund/jackie-o iconic statement match-up! Black skirt/white top/wide belt/and those always timeless freshwater peals! Such a classic sexiness! If you really want to turn up the heat (and are bold enough, since your confidence level has to be high for this to work), leave that third button un-done.)


(This isn’t really for summer but I couldn’t resist! Black and white at their best! Layered on top of one another in a fantastic and slimming way. The bottom of the dress acts like a pencil skirt, accenting the lower curves, while the top flatters the upper ones, get it? good.)

Sexy plus size black and white one piece swimsuit

(This is one of the best swimsuits I’ve seen in a while in the black and white colorway. The black chunky bracelet is a perfect accessory. And notice how this particular one-piece looks amazing on curvy ladies. Love it!)


(This is a great example of black as an accent! All white dress with a thin dividing black belt. Stunningly simple. A beautiful black-diamond necklace would look wonderful here!)


(Another no brainer. Black suit/white dress shirt/black shoes. Tie can be swapped for a modest chain (peep the ‘touch my medallion, meet my berretta post I did for examples). As a matter of fact, if you can afford only one suit to throw on your back, make it a solid black one. The versatility is unmatched. The jacket can be used with casual looks and the pants can be rocked with just the white shirt/understated tenis in black or a black-and-white combo colorway and a slick watch of either black or white. Top it off with the aforementioned necklace/roll the sleeves if you like, and take back the night!)


(This is where deconstructed and classic styles collide. The black and white colorway perfectly illustrated, yet with rough/unfinished stitching and edges. Great by itself paired with black or white hi-tops. The slimmer fitting supra skytops or modest thunders would work well. Or throw on some chunkier puma first rounds in black or a black-and-white combination color scheme.)


(This is another option for the black suit from before. The understated kicks, white button down, and for a twist, the matching vest combine for a casually chic outfit perfect for the museum, art gallery, or your little one’s school play πŸ˜€

With these examples it’s clear how stylish the black and white color matching can be when done right. For us or the ladies, this combination is a classic and timeless fashion statement that is a must-have for EVERY wardrobe!


9 Responses to “Clear as black and white.”

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    […] Clear as Black and White (Stylist’s Manifesto) […]

  2. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Completely obsessed with the black and white knit dress. It looks like the perfect outfit for fall. I think I would pair it with flat black knee-high boots. And perhaps a few bangles to add a little sparkle. Great post! πŸ™‚

  3. Constar Says:

    Do you happen to know the designer for the white dress with pencil thin belt? I am looking for the chic Jackie-O type of dress and that’s just superb but also with a modern edge!!! Please comment soon~ looking forward to your response.

  4. Glenn Says:

    Do you know where that black, white, and blueish tie comes from?

    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      I’m assuming nordstrom. That’s where the suit is from. Not actually 100% sure but that’d be my best guess πŸ™‚

  5. pumps shoes Says:

    One can assume you are an expert on this topic! I am unveiling a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me. Give Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.

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