For me, being fashionable means not ‘following the trends’ as it were, but rather, rocking what I like at the moment and changing only when I prefer something else. Currently, I’m into much simpler ensembles, letting the outfit as a whole make the statement. Among my fashion interests lately are many pieces that have a ‘deconstructed’ or almost ‘unfinished’ appearance. I find that these mix very well with a modern outfit. It almost mixes old world craftmanship with modern fashion. Mira lo que me gusta con estos ejemplos…




ik_09ss27-01_nav-3t(check out the weird pocket placement. Almost like it was done incorrectly? But look how hot asymmetry is!)


(The bottom looks almost unfinished, but works perfectly with the rest of the hoodie. And being one of a lighter weight, it’s great for layering, or on its own on those slightly cooler summer evenings.)


(Doesn’t get more toned down than this!)


(Unfinished edges and quite the blatant roughly stitched ‘X’ pattern screams style! Throw this under a dark charcoal blazer and hit the town!)



(definitely rock the shirt tucked in with these to show off that bangin’ fifth pocket!)


(Leave the SUPER distressed to the ladies guys. This is about the max we should be seen in. Rough but not destroyed, dig?)

(That pocket placement is fantastic! Ignorant and mad stylish.)

As always, these are merely jumping off points, tailor your look to suit your mood.


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