Table tennis.

I’m absolutely in love with modern design. Whether in architecture, landscapes, fashion, or web design, modern and fresh design has no equal. What I’ve found is that many furniture designers are dedicated to the modern aesthetic when creating their respective pieces. Many times, people forget that it is not always necessary for a furniture piece to have a splash of color or some unique material to make a statement. Sometimes the placement of the piece or even the design of the piece itself is the statement. I’ll illustrate what I mean below. This time (since I’m searching for a few new accent tables and a coffee table myself) I’ll be focusing on one of the home’s most essential pieces: The table.

Accent tables.
These are perfect because of their versatility. They can be used for anything from side tables for the sectional couch, to bedside tables, to displaying art, to impromptu settings for those dinners in front of the tv.




Coffee table.

The coffee table is absolutely necessary for the living room. It’s functional and is often one of the focal points of the room.







(This particular table is very unique and may just find it’s way into my livingroom. If it ever goes into production.)




(This table is very functional. The slots are actually built for magazine storage.)

These are just a few examples. Check out places like ikea,, and cb2 (right here in chicago) for a ton of other modern table options.


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