Sometimes the most Appropriate way to go is minimalist. From shoes to accessories, tops to bottoms, there are times when simplicity works best.


These ProKeds are extra fresh while maintaining an exceptionally simple aesthetic.

Onitsuka tigers are always fashionable, and these are no exception. These particular examples are unique in that there are no bright colors present, just a modern combination of white and gray. Pair these with denim or chinos and a white button-down or a tank underneath a simple track jacket and you’re good to go!


These Supra Thunder’s are super sweet suede high-tops. Nothing more, nothing less. Effortless chic.


This Issey Miyake ‘Twelve’ watch designed for Seiko is minimalist design at it’s best. Each angle of the watch represents the hour. I would definitely recommend wearing this with rolled up sleeves because you’ll want to show this one off!


The nooka ZON watch is sleek and unlike many nooka timepieces, has the option of displaying time in a traditional way if you desire. I think the unique design and the way it sits asymmetrically on the wrist makes this watch perfect for the discerning modernist.

These panasonic headphones are beautifully retro and not too flashy in their design. Sound quality isn’t too bad for the price either. The neutral color looks great regardless of the outfit.



Many of us forget about the long-sleeve lightweight tee. This doesn’t have to be just an undershirt. It looks great by itself, especially highlighted with a great accessory (i.e. watch, bracelet, etc.). Some slick linen pants and sandals would also be right at home with this one.


The light-weight hoodie is another essential for the warmer seasons. Most heavier ones are just too hot to wear during the summer, even in the evening. However, the light-weight hoodie is about as heavy as a t-shirt, so overheating (and therefore sweating, eeeewww) isn’t an issue. This example is mad affordable too!



Khakis aren’t just for the golf course. Especially with all of the variations we have, these summer staples are a beautiful way to maintain a crisp look for the bottom half.


Nothing screams summer like linen! These loose-fit examples from 80’s purple go great with those onitsuka’s above, or some nice leather sandals. Pair with said sandals and an a-tee and you’ll be casually chic at the beach or at that pool party.

So remember, it’s not always necessary to rock the bright colors everyone else is. Sometimes minimalism is the most appropriate choice when putting together your ensemble.


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