Tall tale.

Dude may have been a complete prick, but norah’s “sort-of-ex-boyfriend” ‘Tall’ sure had some great style! Many people get distracted with bright colors in the summer and forget that a mostly black outfit with splashes/hints of color is absolutely stunning! Sleek, sophisticated, and an all around classic cool! The aforementioned douche may have conjured up desires of punches to the mouth, but he nailed it fashion-wise. First let’s break down this effortlessly stylish ensemble.

1. Kicks.

Have to set it off right. Dude went with puma first rounds (which are great to skate in too btw with the padded collar). I’d definitely recommend these. Or, if you want to ‘tighten up’ the look (since the pumas are a bit chunky), spend a couple more bucks and go with some supra skytops or vaider mids since both of those options have a slimmer profile (but both have the memory foam soles supra’s known for to make sure your feet are mad comfortable). Either way you go, make sure the colorway is correct (note examples).

2. Denim.

I’d recommend a dark indigo or a NON-FADED black jean. Also, the fit isn’t of utmost importance here but should be appropriate for your situation. I’d definitely stay away from the baggy though (straight leg would be best here).



3. Shirt.

Go button-down. It’s easy and takes no thought. Dude went with a blue pattern. This is where you can opt for creativity or leave it simple. Creative option: a uniquely colored shirt (maybe a pastel since it’s summer), or a patterned one (maybe checked)? Simple option: the white button-down will never fail ya!



4. Tie.

The black tie pictured is a perfect option because it looks great and pulls the look together very well. If you go with the white button-down, you can have some fun with the neckpiece. Keep it dark though because too bright can kill the look.


5. Jacket.

There are so many options here! I’d probably rock either a motorcycle jacket or maybe a slick windbreaker, but either way, keep it black.




(check out the sick purple stripe on this one! Subtle detailing always boosts the style of the look)


(I threw the short trench in because it’s just as ignorant as the pea coat, but more appropriate for the summer nights).

6. Optional but HIGHLY recommended: Watch.

The possibilities are endless. Of course I’m partial to the G’s, but if you want to dress it up a bit, why not go with a Nixon or skagen? Heck, even a tokyoflash or nooka would work well! Be creative and throw in a splash of color while you’re at it!

(remember the subtle purple stripe on that jacket you just saw? This complements it perfectly!)


(The shine of this G-shock dw6900 complements the shiny jackets and the sheen of the kicks very well.)


(Still one of my favorite watches ever, the ceramic player by Nixon fits perfectly with this outfit and definitely is a dressy choice.)


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