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Step in the name of love!

May 21, 2009

As an avid sneaker collector, even I have to recognize that the gym shoes are not universally appropriate. Sometimes fashion calls for a hard-bottom alternative. With all of the options available to us, there’s absolutely no reason for any guy to step out either to the club, a meeting, or a formal event in anything other than super sharp dress shoes. And why not try rocking dressier kicks with that denim at least twice a week? Trust me, you’ll feel alot better and your swagger will be, to quote mr. west “Mick jagger”! I’m just throwing some square toed examples out there today by the way 😀


There is no spoon.

May 4, 2009

When it comes to a web design, there is absolutely NO excuse for mediocrity! Especially with the vast array of design tools and environments. My current favorites are papervision3D, a 3D engine for adobe flash, all of the subsequent engines built on it (away3D, etc), and the newest and probably most exciting platform: Augmented Reality. Augmented reality takes advantage of the webcam and actually maps 3D reality on the live video…IN REAL TIME! I haven’t been this excited about flash design since the wii flash project. If you are a flash designer and are not familiar with these, GET familiar immediately! These are the wave of the future as far as flash design and will take your interfaces and other design concepts to the next level! Another benefit is that these flash engines allow you to import 3D models created in other software such as Google SketchUP, Maya, Blender, and 3D max (just to name a few). The following examples all utilize either PaperVision3D, Away3D, Sandy3D, or Augmented reality. Take advantage of the resources posted after the examples as well to get a good knowledge of these wonderful design tools. Once you get a basic familiarity with them, you’ll be coming up with stuff so incredible, you’ll almost swear you were in the matrix!

(make sure you have a webcam to fully experience this one :D)

Tutorial sites (to help you get started):
(Lee Brimelow has a nice number of tutorials on flash projects, a great number of them PaperVision3D related).
(Tutorials on sandy3D).
(help on getting started with away3D).

Sick in the head.

May 2, 2009

If you’ve been following my posts for any length of time, you’ll notice I feel that no detail is too small to be taken into consideration when maintaining a sense of fashion. In the age of the iPod, headphones are a big part of our everyday lives. And since a great many of us are dissatisfied with the stock earbuds, it’s the next logical step to upgrade. This is where you have the opportunity to think fashin forward. Why not spring for some headphones of a bold hue? Just in time for summer no less! Especially if your wardrobe is dominated by a particular color, why not grab some headphones that match? If you’re feeling extra beligerent, go ahead and grab some big DJ headphones! A brightly colored pair of DJ joints around the neck can be as fashionable as any necklace when the color is compatible with the rest of the outfit. Or perhaps some nice premium white leather ones? Most unique looking headphones (DJ ones included) of a pretty decent quality only cost about $80-$150, about the same price as one would spend on a watch, a purse, pair of shoes, etc. Check out some of the examples below. Familiar spots like caliroots, yesstyle, amazon, 80’sPurple, and Turntablelab all carry these slick little numbers.