Big ups to boho!

I’ll go ahead and admit it right now: for the most part, I think boho (or bohemian chic) is a no go. The majority of examples of this particular style that I see the chicas in do not accent the beautiful qualities of the woman (curves, assets, etc). On the contrary, they tend to cover up these gorgeous features. However, bohemian chic pays extreme homage to retro style (whether in a print, a color, a detail such as a flair or ruffle,an accessory, etc). This is what I love about it! I’m also really digging the way alot of female fashion is now incorporating the wonderul qualities of the bohemian look without the undesirable ones. I’ll try to visually demonstrate what I mean with the following examples.


2 Responses to “Big ups to boho!”


    I can digg it. Not a HUGE fan but I can def digg it. *loving that blue dress*

    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      I feel the same way. I think individual boho elements can work well with different outfits.

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