Method to the madness.

As a busy individual, there are few things I value more than organization. From client documents to personal magazines, I hate it when my personal space is in disarray! However, being anal about style, I can’t just throw my things in any old bin or rack. This is why I have to have my things organized in something that has aesthetic appeal and organizational function. These are just a few examples. Note that each one looks and performs wonderfuly. Because throwing your documents and publications in a rubbermaid is just unacceptable!


2 Responses to “Method to the madness.”


    Very nice. Sooo what your saying is that I should stop keeping my files in my kitchen drawer? Ok, sounds good.

    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      I think that since we have to have quick access to our documents, files, etc., why not have them in something that’s easy on the eyes?

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