emilio pucci sale @ ideeli.com!

Hey guys! There’s an emilio pucci sale starting today @ ideeli.com! With bold prints and colors, these bags are perfect for spring for the ladies! And at almost half off many of them, why not splurge a bit? Here’s a little background on Emilio:

With his kaleidoscopic prints and light-weight fabrics, no designer has made a more distinct impression on 20th Century fashion than the “Prince of Prints” Emilio Pucci. A Naples native, Pucci excelled at just about everything. He was a member of the 1932 Olympic ski team, an air force bomber pilot, and an elected politician. Despite his many talents, it was an accidental discovery of his designs that placed Pucci on the map of fashion history.

While skiing on the Swiss Alps, a Harper’s Bazaar photographer noticed Pucci’s girlfriend suited up in a most unique costume. He snapped a few shots of this Pucci original and within months images of it were all over newsstands. What had originally been created out of a need for sleek yet fashionable ski attire had evolved, seemingly overnight, into prerequisite apparel for jet-setters worldwide. Once the 1960’s hit, Pucci’s signature bold patterns, sometimes using up to sixteen clashing colors, had exploded in popularity. By extending his line to include handbags, jewelry, and scarves, women everywhere were able to jump in on the Pucci craze. Today, from streets to slopes, Pucci’s easily-recognized creations still embody the elegant, liberated woman, a look that will forever remain in style. Check these out (and they’re all less than $300 to boot!):

Remember your invitation if you haven’t signed up yet:




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