Musical Chairs

Seating is one of the most important elements in a room. Often, a chair can be a dramatic statement piece. When positioned correctly, it can highlight a particular area of the room. When placed beneath artwork, ones eye will be drawn first to the chair, and then to the art, in effect, killing two birds with one stone.


5 Responses to “Musical Chairs”

  1. Anna R - Northeastern University Says:

    I want a red chair … unfortunately my apartment is too teeny. Maybe soon!

    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      What about a red stool instead? They’re much smaller but make the same dramatic statement 😀

  2. kingchic Says:

    LOVING the woods rocking chair! I totally agree with this post. Chairs are key. This last square frame with the tilted white seat is quite spectac. I think I want a new chair for my room now!


    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      That one would be awesome for you! Go for it! Most of the chairs in this post are from (besides the eames ones i mean).

  3. RT @stylstmanifesto New blog post ‘Musical Chairs’ : - Twitoaster Says:

    […] hours ago RT @stylstmanifesto New blog post ‘Musical Chairs’ :… […]

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