High-end Italian and high-end American male fashion are often mixed and mashed but I’ve yet to see anyone do it quite like GOURMET (check ’em out @ www.gourmetinyourface.com). These cats throw out some outrageous concepts in footwear and accesories! From $75 kicks up to 5 carat diamond octopus rings that have a pricetag of “contact us”. The pieces are so unique and original that you don’t think “wow that’s high!” you think “I SO need to figure out a way to get that!” La dolce vita ain’t cheap but MAN is it sweet!


2 Responses to “GOURMETcuisine”

  1. jessica Says:

    Love those shoe designs. I especially love that watch! Thanks for the update 😛

  2. RT @stylstmanifesto New blog post ‘GOURMETcuisine’ : stylistmanifesto.wordpress.com Gracias! - Twitoaster Says:

    […] hours ago RT @stylstmanifesto New blog post ‘GOURMETcuisine’ : https://stylistmanifesto.wordpress.com/20… Gracias! […]

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