Ceramics 101

Ceramic pots and other wares are great and all, but what about this hardy material in fashion? I’ve really been impressed with the creative ways it’s bring used right now, especially on watches. Many ceramic watches are pricier than the more traditional metal or plastic variations, but they’re just SO nice that it justifies the increase. Note the examples below and pay particular attention to the brighter ones (which would be perfect for spring/summer).






3 Responses to “Ceramics 101”

  1. dream sequins Says:

    I fell in love with the Chanel ceramic watch when I saw it on a friend’s wrist. Of course I wanted to run out and buy it right away, but am still unsure about how to work a bright white sports type watch into my wardrobe.

    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      The ceramic look is perfect with just about any wardrobe. If it’s too bright though, you can just rock it with a long-sleeve top. That way, you only see a flash of white occasionally as it peeks out from underneath the sleeve.

  2. ternos y uniformes a1 Says:


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