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Big ups to boho!

April 29, 2009

I’ll go ahead and admit it right now: for the most part, I think boho (or bohemian chic) is a no go. The majority of examples of this particular style that I see the chicas in do not accent the beautiful qualities of the woman (curves, assets, etc). On the contrary, they tend to cover up these gorgeous features. However, bohemian chic pays extreme homage to retro style (whether in a print, a color, a detail such as a flair or ruffle,an accessory, etc). This is what I love about it! I’m also really digging the way alot of female fashion is now incorporating the wonderul qualities of the bohemian look without the undesirable ones. I’ll try to visually demonstrate what I mean with the following examples.


We share my umbrella.

April 29, 2009

Being fashionable at all times takes dedication. This means even the things viewed as merely utilities must be aesthetically appealing. A great way to affordably maintain your sense of style in inclement weather is the umbrella. Even though it’s use is purely function, it can also be a fashionable accessory when utilized correctly. Since we are nearly in the summer season, why not use an umbrella with a bold color or beautiful print instead of the traditional blacks or grays? At around $50 or so, many printed and colored umbrellas won’t hurt the wallet and look great. Shoot, at that price, you can have 3 or more so as to be fashionably prepared regardless of the outfit. Note examples below. I included the pricier Burberry just because it’s one of my favorites 😀

Method to the madness.

April 27, 2009

As a busy individual, there are few things I value more than organization. From client documents to personal magazines, I hate it when my personal space is in disarray! However, being anal about style, I can’t just throw my things in any old bin or rack. This is why I have to have my things organized in something that has aesthetic appeal and organizational function. These are just a few examples. Note that each one looks and performs wonderfuly. Because throwing your documents and publications in a rubbermaid is just unacceptable!

China white!

April 27, 2009

If you’re looking for a super-fresh addition to your summer wardrobe, look no further than white denim! Whether you rock it with bright colors or subdued hues, you’ll have an extremely fashionable look without giving off a ‘too-sterile’ vibe. Here are a few examples/looks

First up, ladies!

Example A:

1. White skinny jeans

2. Hot tunic or long tee.

3. Bangin’ heels

Example B:

1. White flared denim.

2. Printed top.

3. Cute sandal or strappy heel.

Example C:

1. White jeans.

2. Tank or Tee (vintage would be great since they’re SO hot right now).

3. Gym shoes or any of the above footwear options.

Bonus!! (optional): Lighweight hoodie or cardigan over your tee or tank.

Note: Accessorize appropriately with each of these examples.

Ok, now for us:

Example A:

1. White boot-cut jeans.

2. White button-down

3. Lightweight vest in a bold color.

4. Lightweight gray or tan blazer (up to you which variation/hue).
5. Dress shoes of a color compatible with the jacket (don’t go gym shoes on this one trust me).

Example B:

1. White slimmer-fitting jeans.

2. Tee (vintage is an excellent choice).
Basic RGB
3. High-top sneakers.

Example C:

1. White regular-fit jeans.

2. Light colored button-down (white or light blue)
3. Seer-sucker jacket.
4. Your choice of shoes (either sneakers/casual/or dress, as long as they are fashionably compatible).

Bonus example!!!

1. White denim (fit is up to you as long as they’re not baggy fit. I repeat, they MUST be of a tailored fit!!!).

2. White button-down (must be white, and I’ll visually demonstrate why).

3. Navy blazer (I recommend with gold buttons).
(Note how perfectly the white shirt complements the jacket. Trust me, this is the best color option as far as the shirt.)

4. Shoes (I recommend boating joints or dress shoes).

Optional pieces (but I HIGHLY recommend them): Navy striped tie, Nicely compatible cuff links, Sharp watch (NO g-shocks here guys)

I threw in the yacht club look because it’s a great ensemble and it’s sure to give you the ‘sportsman’ vibe and let everyone know that you have AMAZING fashion sense! You can pull off a similar look with a black blazer if a navy one is unavailable. Even if you lose the tie, the outfit makes the same statement. If you want to wear this look more than a few times this summer, why not play with the top? For example, instead of a white button-down, rock a white polo instead. Or throw variation with the navy blazer one occasion and the black one the next. Have fun with this one!

With these few examples, hopefully your summer is starting to look a whole lot brighter!

emilio pucci sale @!

April 24, 2009

Hey guys! There’s an emilio pucci sale starting today @! With bold prints and colors, these bags are perfect for spring for the ladies! And at almost half off many of them, why not splurge a bit? Here’s a little background on Emilio:

With his kaleidoscopic prints and light-weight fabrics, no designer has made a more distinct impression on 20th Century fashion than the “Prince of Prints” Emilio Pucci. A Naples native, Pucci excelled at just about everything. He was a member of the 1932 Olympic ski team, an air force bomber pilot, and an elected politician. Despite his many talents, it was an accidental discovery of his designs that placed Pucci on the map of fashion history.

While skiing on the Swiss Alps, a Harper’s Bazaar photographer noticed Pucci’s girlfriend suited up in a most unique costume. He snapped a few shots of this Pucci original and within months images of it were all over newsstands. What had originally been created out of a need for sleek yet fashionable ski attire had evolved, seemingly overnight, into prerequisite apparel for jet-setters worldwide. Once the 1960’s hit, Pucci’s signature bold patterns, sometimes using up to sixteen clashing colors, had exploded in popularity. By extending his line to include handbags, jewelry, and scarves, women everywhere were able to jump in on the Pucci craze. Today, from streets to slopes, Pucci’s easily-recognized creations still embody the elegant, liberated woman, a look that will forever remain in style. Check these out (and they’re all less than $300 to boot!):

Remember your invitation if you haven’t signed up yet:


We love Ideeli ^o^!

April 23, 2009

As you can tell, I LOVE fashion! I’ll let you in on a little secret , I hardly EVER pay retail for my gear (or my wife’s)! It can be tricky finding the right place for a great sale though. Enter! It’s an exclusive online shopping community that offers SUPER-HOT luxury accesories and apparel and up to 80% off! I’m talking roberto cavali, oscar de la renta, christian lacroix, etc! Membership is straight invitation only! But As a member, I’m inviting all of my readers to experience for themselves! Yep, you too! I’ll be posting alerts to the member-only sales from now on so you guys will always be in the loop! Here’s your invitation:


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Shine on ’em!

April 23, 2009

Patent leather and metallic materials are SO hot on footwear right now! From tenis to chanclas (gym shoes to sandals), the patent and metallic sheen is being seen everywhere! Even skate shoes are utilizing these bold materials. If an entire shoe done in patent leather or metallic is too much of a michael Jackson/kanye west/spaceman look for you, try one with a patent or metallic accent. You’re still making a statement, just a bit more subtle. Either way you go, full blown belligerence or a subtle slap, pull a diddy and shine on them suckas!

Not just for castles.

April 20, 2009

Unfortunately when most people hear the words ‘wall sconce’ they think of old and outdated light fixtures. Sometimes going so far as to envision those ancient mounted candle joints that you would find on interior castle walls! This absolutely should not be the case! There are so many wonderful examples of modern wall sconces found in many stores both physical and online. And with so many shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from, anyone can find a design to fit their style. These are just a few that I’m digging currently.

Musical Chairs

April 19, 2009

Seating is one of the most important elements in a room. Often, a chair can be a dramatic statement piece. When positioned correctly, it can highlight a particular area of the room. When placed beneath artwork, ones eye will be drawn first to the chair, and then to the art, in effect, killing two birds with one stone.


April 18, 2009

High-end Italian and high-end American male fashion are often mixed and mashed but I’ve yet to see anyone do it quite like GOURMET (check ’em out @ These cats throw out some outrageous concepts in footwear and accesories! From $75 kicks up to 5 carat diamond octopus rings that have a pricetag of “contact us”. The pieces are so unique and original that you don’t think “wow that’s high!” you think “I SO need to figure out a way to get that!” La dolce vita ain’t cheap but MAN is it sweet!