Oversized jewelry

As we all know, spring is about boldness. Ladies look confident and stylish with direct fashion choices. Oversized jewelry immediately lends a sexiness to the woman because it lets everyone know right away that she KNOWS what she’s doing (fashionably). This doesn’t even have to be limited to traditional materials. Oversized pearls are hot right now, but why not try some coral too? And when paired with a maxi dress (shorter or full length) or even a simpler garment combination (tanktop and jeans or shorts), the lady will look like style is absolutely effortless! Note some examples below (of not only the oversized jewelry, but the garments that go with it as well).


4 Responses to “Oversized jewelry”

  1. Chicisimo Says:

    Absolutely love the bracelet in the third picture!

  2. dream sequins Says:

    I love love love those oversized necklaces. Do you think they would make me look dwarf-y? I’m not six feet tall 🙂

    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      Don’t know how I missed your comments! Sorry lol. I don’t think the pieces would make you look munchkin-ish at all haha! They look great even if you’re not a WNBA player!

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