The high waist pant

To immediately follow-up the pencil skirt, I had to write about the high waist pant! The wonderful thing about these pants is that they posess the same features as the pencil skirt – they are a close fit right where they need to be (lower body and mid section). However, what makes them different than their skirt counterpart is that they can be a close fit the entire length of the pant, or they can flare toward the bottom(below the knee usually). Either option flatters the woman’s beautiful curves in a sexy way that isn’t overtly screaming for attention. Paired with a blouse (by itself or with a blazer) the high waist pant is a stylish way to flaunt your curves with class. Love the jumpsuit but can’t wear it to the office? Pair a flared high waist pant and a blazer to match with a nice close fitting dress shirt underneath (same color blazer and pant channel the jumpsuit in an office-appropriate way). And don’t think that the high waist is only reserved for slacks. Denim, tweed, even plaid works well with this particular cut of garment. Note the examples below:


One Response to “The high waist pant”

  1. Style Pantry Says:

    Love, love, love all the selections on here. Wish I had every pair. You definitely have an eye for fashion. Keep up!

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