The pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is a garment that is as essential as the little black dress. It’s high waist and close fit says ‘business’ and is subtly sexy as it highlights a woman’s curves. With spring almost upon us, ladies need not stick to the nuetral colored versions of it. Why not try a vibrant and bold color like ‘gwen stefani’ red, a beautiful purple, or a ‘molly ringwald’ pink? Or, if rocking the usual suspects of black, tan, gray or one of their variations, go ahead and sport a brightly colored(or ‘neon’ as it were) top and finish it off with heels of a similar hue? Either way, with the pencil skirt, a nice top, and bangin heels, you let everyone know that “no one on the corner has swagger” like you!


2 Responses to “The pencil skirt”

  1. Dream Sequins Says:

    Love that you used Penelope Cruz as a sample pic for this post. She’s so amazing! This is definitely a classic silhouette.

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