Outdoor Furniture

With spring coming up and summer close behind, it’s time to not only concern yourself with the aesthetic of the inside of your home, but the outdoor living space as well. Personally, I love modern outdoor furniture. Most of the pieces I’ll present today are incredibly stylish but they are also multi-functional. Many would look just as wonderful in an industrial indoor setting (a loft, or modern condo perhaps) as they would outside on the patio. Note the examples below:


Look at the above sofa and imagine it in a loft with exposed brick and/or ductwork. Now check it out in an outdoor setting:


The following collection is fresh and vibrant. Same principle applies. Patio or living room, it would be right at home.


Many consider white too sterile, however, depending on the environment, it can look very clean and modern. Note the following collection (I would reserve these pieces for outside):


Finally, I present one of my favorite outdoor elements: wood.

The above bench would be excellent in an entryway. Wouldn’t look bad outside either.

Beautiful chaise lounges like the two below are such a great way to bring classic 50’s ocean-view California to any locale.


Throw in a side table or two like this one, a couple of chairs (like the ones shown below) and you have a beautiful outdoor set.

The above examples are but a few that illustrate the beauty and functionality of modern outdoor furniture. Make your mark even when you stay home.


One Response to “Outdoor Furniture”

  1. Fashioncitizen Says:

    I really dig angular furniture with sharp lines. It looks ultra modern but still really classic and sophisticated.

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