Accent pieces

As any style conscious individual knows, fashion extends beyond clothing. It is a way of life that should be reflected everywhere possible. This is even more true when it comes to interior design. For this reason I’ve decided to begin writing about fashion and style in all of their wonderful forms. As a jumping off point, why don’t we delve briefly into the accent piece. This is a wonderful way to express your individuality without overdoing it. The accent piece can be anything from a work of art, to a designer toy, to a sculpture. The accent can be something even more subtle, such as a sheepskin rug or a unique piece of furniture. Simply throwing in a splash of boldness does wonders for the aesthetic of the home. Note examples below:


LED art in green is fresh and unique.


Glass octopus pops and looks great on a shelf or as a centerpiece.


The Quadrics would look great next to a speaker in your entertainment system. Or on a pedestal like in the next picture.


Note how the designer toys are displayed in a modern way. Here they are transformed from toy to decorative art piece. This method is applicable to the Quadrics above as well.


Canvas is always appropriate. Look at how the nuetral tone is brightened up with the color of the print. These are but a few examples of how not to look like everyone else when it comes to your home. Because we all know that would be lame!


One Response to “Accent pieces”

  1. Fashioncitizen Says:

    Very good post and suggestions dude. Got me to thinking of new ideas to try at my place.

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