The satin tie.

A long overlooked men’s accessory is the satin tie. Most men believe it can only be worn when in a tux (prom, wedding, formal, etc.). Nothing could be further from the truth! The satin tie can be a bold statement that conjures up visions of smoking jackets and sophisticated discussions with pipe in hand. You just have to know how to do it! This is much easier than most guys realize. Here it is broken down:

1. Satin tie (black or silver).

2. Dark wash or black jeans (imperative that the jean be dark. trust me on this one.)

3. White dress shirt

4. Metallic or patent shoes.

See! Not so hard, right?

The satin tie


One Response to “The satin tie.”

  1. Fashioncitizen Says:

    Definitely agree with this one man. A little formal wear with some chill clothes is always a way to evoke effortless cool. Glad to see I’m on trend with mine LOL

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