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March 29, 2009

An obviously wonderful benefit of the warmer weather is the lack of snow (here in Chicago at least)! This is great for fashion because you can guiltlessly whip out the all-white footwear. Problem with doing this in the snow is that snow is mad dirty and dirty snow will murder the beautiful color of white shoes almost instantly. Not an issue now that the white dirt powder is gone! And why not go sky-high? Fitted jeans + high-tops = super stylish spring/summer outfit. Check out the examples below (ranging from $40 to $400). I’ve also included some companion pieces that would look wonderful with any of the kicks featured.


Oversized jewelry

March 22, 2009

As we all know, spring is about boldness. Ladies look confident and stylish with direct fashion choices. Oversized jewelry immediately lends a sexiness to the woman because it lets everyone know right away that she KNOWS what she’s doing (fashionably). This doesn’t even have to be limited to traditional materials. Oversized pearls are hot right now, but why not try some coral too? And when paired with a maxi dress (shorter or full length) or even a simpler garment combination (tanktop and jeans or shorts), the lady will look like style is absolutely effortless! Note some examples below (of not only the oversized jewelry, but the garments that go with it as well).

The high waist pant

March 18, 2009

To immediately follow-up the pencil skirt, I had to write about the high waist pant! The wonderful thing about these pants is that they posess the same features as the pencil skirt – they are a close fit right where they need to be (lower body and mid section). However, what makes them different than their skirt counterpart is that they can be a close fit the entire length of the pant, or they can flare toward the bottom(below the knee usually). Either option flatters the woman’s beautiful curves in a sexy way that isn’t overtly screaming for attention. Paired with a blouse (by itself or with a blazer) the high waist pant is a stylish way to flaunt your curves with class. Love the jumpsuit but can’t wear it to the office? Pair a flared high waist pant and a blazer to match with a nice close fitting dress shirt underneath (same color blazer and pant channel the jumpsuit in an office-appropriate way). And don’t think that the high waist is only reserved for slacks. Denim, tweed, even plaid works well with this particular cut of garment. Note the examples below:

The pencil skirt

March 16, 2009

The pencil skirt is a garment that is as essential as the little black dress. It’s high waist and close fit says ‘business’ and is subtly sexy as it highlights a woman’s curves. With spring almost upon us, ladies need not stick to the nuetral colored versions of it. Why not try a vibrant and bold color like ‘gwen stefani’ red, a beautiful purple, or a ‘molly ringwald’ pink? Or, if rocking the usual suspects of black, tan, gray or one of their variations, go ahead and sport a brightly colored(or ‘neon’ as it were) top and finish it off with heels of a similar hue? Either way, with the pencil skirt, a nice top, and bangin heels, you let everyone know that “no one on the corner has swagger” like you!

Outdoor Furniture

March 10, 2009

With spring coming up and summer close behind, it’s time to not only concern yourself with the aesthetic of the inside of your home, but the outdoor living space as well. Personally, I love modern outdoor furniture. Most of the pieces I’ll present today are incredibly stylish but they are also multi-functional. Many would look just as wonderful in an industrial indoor setting (a loft, or modern condo perhaps) as they would outside on the patio. Note the examples below:


Look at the above sofa and imagine it in a loft with exposed brick and/or ductwork. Now check it out in an outdoor setting:


The following collection is fresh and vibrant. Same principle applies. Patio or living room, it would be right at home.


Many consider white too sterile, however, depending on the environment, it can look very clean and modern. Note the following collection (I would reserve these pieces for outside):


Finally, I present one of my favorite outdoor elements: wood.

The above bench would be excellent in an entryway. Wouldn’t look bad outside either.

Beautiful chaise lounges like the two below are such a great way to bring classic 50’s ocean-view California to any locale.


Throw in a side table or two like this one, a couple of chairs (like the ones shown below) and you have a beautiful outdoor set.

The above examples are but a few that illustrate the beauty and functionality of modern outdoor furniture. Make your mark even when you stay home.

Accent pieces

March 5, 2009

As any style conscious individual knows, fashion extends beyond clothing. It is a way of life that should be reflected everywhere possible. This is even more true when it comes to interior design. For this reason I’ve decided to begin writing about fashion and style in all of their wonderful forms. As a jumping off point, why don’t we delve briefly into the accent piece. This is a wonderful way to express your individuality without overdoing it. The accent piece can be anything from a work of art, to a designer toy, to a sculpture. The accent can be something even more subtle, such as a sheepskin rug or a unique piece of furniture. Simply throwing in a splash of boldness does wonders for the aesthetic of the home. Note examples below:


LED art in green is fresh and unique.


Glass octopus pops and looks great on a shelf or as a centerpiece.


The Quadrics would look great next to a speaker in your entertainment system. Or on a pedestal like in the next picture.


Note how the designer toys are displayed in a modern way. Here they are transformed from toy to decorative art piece. This method is applicable to the Quadrics above as well.


Canvas is always appropriate. Look at how the nuetral tone is brightened up with the color of the print. These are but a few examples of how not to look like everyone else when it comes to your home. Because we all know that would be lame!

The satin tie.

March 2, 2009

A long overlooked men’s accessory is the satin tie. Most men believe it can only be worn when in a tux (prom, wedding, formal, etc.). Nothing could be further from the truth! The satin tie can be a bold statement that conjures up visions of smoking jackets and sophisticated discussions with pipe in hand. You just have to know how to do it! This is much easier than most guys realize. Here it is broken down:

1. Satin tie (black or silver).

2. Dark wash or black jeans (imperative that the jean be dark. trust me on this one.)

3. White dress shirt

4. Metallic or patent shoes.

See! Not so hard, right?

The satin tie