Jacket over the tee

The T-shirt under the blazer is not a new look by any means. However, pay attention to a couple of subtleties in this particular interpretation. First, note the fit of the jacket. It’s a tailored fit (otherwise known as a ‘closer fit’). This adds a level of maturity and sense of style. Second, notice the optional footwear. You can go for a bit more casual with the all black tennis shoes, or you can maintain the allure of the ‘dressy’ appearance with a clean square toe simple leather shoe (the square toe was picked for a reason. It plays off the square watch.). Also notice the black stainless steel ring. Black stainless steel is a sleek and modern material that is being seen more and more in the fashion world (particularly on men’s jewelry). This also plays off the watch, which notably mixes both metal and leather. As a bonus, consider topping the look off with a classic fedora (for a younger vibe, ‘break it off’ to the side or set it slightly back on the head). Let the world know you’re a dapper gentleman with impeccable style.

Jacket over the Tee


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