Mid-east chic

Spring is coming up soon! I for one love the winter and fall because I can rock scarves. However, wool is not the best material for the spring (bit too heavy). Enter the middle-eastern scarves. They’re lightweight and super fresh. I love the color variations as well. Note the examples below:


4 Responses to “Mid-east chic”

  1. Jazzy Says:

    I was stepping my scarf game up, but now I see too many of them out and about LOL.

  2. MY Fashion Frenzy Says:

    Love the scarf !!!

  3. pmass2 Says:

    dude those “scarfs” have been walking up and down bedford ave. for like two years now, where do you live move to new york, even the satorialist has a picture of a guy wearing one last fall.

    • stylistmanifesto Says:

      I didn’t say it was a new fashion trend. Just that I like them. I’ve been rocking them for a minute too 😀

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