Cambios Cambios….

February 18, 2010

I’ve moved! Check out the new address for the blog (now on my own server yay!) :

Same fashion forward idealism, different home. Enjoy guys!



February 11, 2010

By now, if you’re occupying one of the regions experiencing temp drops, you are certainly rocking heavier jackets. Here we come back to one of my favorites, just in a different way: the motorcylce jacket. This time, we dress it up a bit with the next level combo:

1. Moto jacket.

(This one is a beautiful lambskin version available at for $1,595)

(This one is pure brando. Timelessly chic.)

(Gotta love the partial-zip sleeves on this joint. Gives it a nice, technical appeal.)


2. Button down.

(This BOSS black is available at as well for $125.00)

3. Scarf (ESSENTIAL).


(80’s purple has some PHENOMENAL examples like this one for $27 by Obey)

4. Leather or suede kicks (if you have to go sneaker, make it nice i.e. Puma fashion, etc). Boots are great or at least a chunkier bottom variant of your favorite style (oxford, etc).

(This suede oxford from at $99.99 is a nice, supple brown and is a great companion to the moto jacket from above as it breaks from the traditional black on black. Pair this with a suede belt to really show off your fashion sense.)

(The chukka is on fire right now and is a wonderful companion to the ensembles we’re envisioning in this post).

(These are actually doc marten’s simply re-imagined in an oxford. Still the brit-rocker vibe but in a more contemporary package.)   

5. Premium, fitted denim or slacks (wool perhaps?).

(These 80’s purple jeans by postage are $125 and are a straight-fit,which is essential so as to not detract from the overall outfit. Too baggy looks juvenile and nuthuggers just aren’t fair to anyone.)

5. Optional but HIGHLY recommended: modern fit sweater (there should be no bunching up anywhere). I usually go wool, cashmere, or a blend of either.

Alternate: swap #2 for a turtleneck, also modern fit.


(Perhaps you’d like to rock this one or the one below with the oxfords above? The 60’s euro-chic vibe is a sophisticated way to make ya mark!)

When you’re considering scarf choices, lean away from conservative when possible. Even if you choose a relatively neutral color, go for an ignorant width or knot it in a way that stands out. And yes, regardless of the temperature, the Arab scarf is always welcome. To switch it up, just tie it as you would a traditional one. When you look at your closet and think ‘which button-down?’ try a darker choice from time to time. A dark, tightly patterend flannel perhaps? Or a muted stripe? The same boldness regarding darkness should by no means stop at the shirt. Denim, slacks, even footwear can all benefit from a little romp on the darkside (not all at once mind you). The beauty of this look is the limitless possibility for creativity! This update to the first variant of the moto aesthetic removes the casual elements and replaces it with a wonderfully dressier group of pieces that are a refreshing change appropriate for showing off your impeccable style.

Duffle bag boy

January 20, 2010

One of the great things about the cooler seasons is the ability to change up your outerwear. Still want some wear out of those nautical footwear choices? Why not pair them with a duffle-coat? It’s bold and the ocean aesthetic is a welcome change to the standard peacoats we’re seeing currently. Check out the examples below and note the pairings. Oh, and like all jackets/blazers/and outerwear, the fit should be tailored, never hanging off you.



The black duffle coat above ($110.95 goes great with these brash supra tk societies ($140 @ 




This one for the ladies ($145 @ is actually a mash-up between the bomber jacket and the duffle. Mad unique and extra stylish for when it’s frigid afuera!

This take on the traditional duffle coat is one of my favorites because of it’s unique collar, great for making ya mark, especially since it’s only $84.95

This brown joint ($284 at can be set off with any of the footwear choices above or, for a change, a lighter mid-height boot (like the one below for $110 @


This example for you ladies in striking yellow is a not-so-subtle way of giving a quick nod to the upcoming warmer spring we’re all waiting for (And it’s on sale for $104.95 @!).

The hooded joint like this heather gray one is just perfect for those days where the mood and weather are the same color. Pick it up for $124.95 @ and make sure you cop the army blue skytops for $147 @ while you’re at it.




Stuck in the trenches.

November 21, 2009

One of the top essentials in my closet right now is my trenchcoat (or one of them anyway). From short to long and every length in between, this piece of outerwear is an incredibly stylish way to embrace the cooler temps right now. And what a great way to accentuate the male or female silhouette! Check out these examples in different lengths, materials, and weights.

2 live for ya crew

November 21, 2009

One of the easiest ways to remain fashionable with minimal effort is the crewneck sweater. Perfecty at home with denim or pants, button-down or not, tenis/zapatos/ o aun botas, it just works. Depending on the material (cotton/wool/cashmere/etc), you can dress it down or up respectively. Sometimes I go button-down, sometimes not. Usually dressier kicks I’d recommend the button-down underneath. Important to note: make SURE you have collar stays as you look ridiculous if your shirt collar flattens like a pancake over the top of the sweater. Check out examples below and note the differences.

Streets is watchin’.

October 19, 2009

The cooler temps are no reason to forsake the importance of always sporting the right timepiece. With so many options available, there’s no excuse to rock a super-bright joint that belongs exclusively in the summer or spring. Now is the time to begin pulling out the more subdued metals, leathers, and other materials. One needs to be on top of their watch game in the cooler seasons because at some point, that jacket or trench has to come off (once you duck into starbucks or borders on a chilly day for example) and nothing looks worse than a naked or ill-decorated wrist. Note the examples below and enjoy the phasing out of super brights for the stylish understatement of more subdued colors.

PS: Vintage pieces don’t hurt either.

Smells like teen spirit.

September 18, 2009

With fall nearly here, it’s time to start rocking that oh-so angst-ridden material that the Seattle-grunge gents made so popular: flannel! This is some that, like it’s cousin, plaid, needs to be done carefully because nobody wants to look EXACTLY like Cobain (r.i.p. but dude looked like he smelled). Check out the examples below and note the commentary for each.

(The charcoal and black work well together to downplay the flannel pattern and note how the model rocks the shirt with sleeves rolled/bunched. Perfect way to pull off the ‘boyfriend’ look that’s so hot right now!)

(These two are classically feminine hoodies with the flannel print that sets them perfectly in the fall season.)

(These are two flannel shirts that are slimmer fitting to accentuate the beauty that is the female form. Very autumn yet very sexy.)

(This is that ‘new-flannel’ look that only the fashionably confident gents can pull off. When you pair it with denim that highlights one of the colors in the shirt, you’re making your mark and screaming style!)

(This black flannel shirt is the perfect partner to some raw indigo or black denim and black suede kicks. Equally at home with or without blazer, you can throw on a solid black tie and turn your fashion dial up a notch!)

(These two gray flannel shirts are just fine with a pair of black khakis or black denim and some oxfords or understated gym shoes. Throw on a topcoat or military jacket and brave the concrete jungle.)

helloMOTO 1.0

September 8, 2009

And already we’re seeing the temps drop (at least here in Chicago and other areas that experience the four seasons). That means it’s time to start donning lightweight jackets again! Yay! Here’s where one of my favorite combinations come in:


the motorcycle jacket ,


a hoodie,




and high-tops


or stylish boots.

The reason I love this combo right now is because many stores are carrying moto jackets at lower prices than they will in a couple of months, so you can grab maybe two jackets (perhaps a lighter hue, and a darker hue) for about the price you’ll pay for just one later on. The great thing about the moto jacket is that it goes with so many options. Throw a tee on underneath if it’s a bit warm for the hoodie, or rock a button-down and tie if you want to dress it up a bit. The shoes need to match the general aesthetic though. For example, if going super casual up top (i.e. Tee or hoodie), feel free to wear more outlandish footwear (filas/pumas/nikes/etc). But when you decide to dress it up a bit (ex: button-down with/without tie), try some beautiful Italian boots or some understated hi-tops (supra/Calvin Klein/kenneth cole/Ralph lauren/etc).

*Optional, but HIGHLY recommended* I almost always go with some sort of neckwear depending on the top (scarf, tie, etc.)

*Bonus* For dramatic style points, go with the following:

Moto jacket.

A-tee or slim-fitting tank underneath.


Ignorant footwear.

Coarse study 1.0

September 6, 2009

If you’re looking for unique forms of art, why not check out hong kong based coarse toys. Headed by the visionary artist Mark Landwehr, their current series ‘in a spotless world’ was features not too long ago right here in Chicago at rotofugi art gallery/store. Whenever you hear about a new product from these guys dropping, be sure to jump on it soon because they always sell out immediately. I’m sure these examples will demonstrate why. You can always see the latest showcase over at coarsetoys

Sweater puppets.

August 7, 2009

One of my favorite parts about the fall and winter is the ability to layer my outfits with sweaters. In the summer season, however, wool is out of the question as are all other heavy materials. This is where the light-weight sweater comes in. Usually of a cotton or cotton/wool blend, these breezy babies are just what the dr ordered when the temperature is 75+. I always caution against anything underneath that’s heavier than an a-tee (guys) or undergarment (girls unless the plunge of the garment or other circumstance requires something of greater substance) because it’s still a sweater. If the occasion calls for it (i.e. It being hotter than a well digger’s behind), you’re more than welcome to roll up the sleeves. Rolled sleeves also make the light-weight sweater mesh well with shorts and sockless shoes so you may want to do that even in the evening when the blazing heat has subsided. With sleeves down or up, throw some variety into your weekly rotation with the light weight sweater.